Logistics Trends

August 17

Last Mile Logistics Trends – a mid-2020 update: Fulfillment, Logistics and last mile delivery

Even before the current crisis, e-commerce was already becoming a primary sales channel and was changing the warehouse, fulfillment, and last mile delivery landscape. The current […]
August 4

Last Mile Logistics Trends – a mid-2020 update: Autonomous start-ups and last mile delivery

In the past few years, Venture Capital firms have invested close to $10 billion in start-ups offering unconventional last-mile delivery models such as drones, robots, autonomous […]
August 3

Last Mile Logistics Trends – a mid-2020 update: New shopping patterns and last mile delivery

Consumer shopping patterns are changing and they may never return to ‘normal’. The past few months of social-distancing, streaming entertainment, and the shift to work-from-home has […]
April 3

Be in the Know: 2018 Final Mile Logistics Statistics to Consider

One thing is clear. Growth in e-commerce and omni-channel distribution, combined with consumer expectations for fast and free delivery, are driving increased demand for Final Mile […]
March 25

Urban, Suburban and Rural Final Mile Delivery – Different Strategies

The current e-commerce final mile delivery landscape is challenging. The growth of online shopping and consumer expectation for fast delivery has turned the traditional shipping economy-of-scale […]