August 17

Last Mile Logistics Trends – a mid-2020 update: Fulfillment, Logistics and last mile delivery

Even before the current crisis, e-commerce was already becoming a primary sales channel and was changing the warehouse, fulfillment, and last mile delivery landscape. The current […]
August 4

Last Mile Logistics Trends – a mid-2020 update: Autonomous start-ups and last mile delivery

In the past few years, Venture Capital firms have invested close to $10 billion in start-ups offering unconventional last-mile delivery models such as drones, robots, autonomous […]
August 3

Last Mile Logistics Trends – a mid-2020 update: New shopping patterns and last mile delivery

Consumer shopping patterns are changing and they may never return to ‘normal’. The past few months of social-distancing, streaming entertainment, and the shift to work-from-home has […]
May 14

Good News: 12 Sources for Positive and Uplifting News – an updated list!

Constant negative news getting you down? Don’t despair. If you think there must be good news somewhere - you are right. There is uplifting, inspirational, and hopeful news everywhere if you know where to look! […]
April 3

Be in the Know: 2018 Final Mile Logistics Statistics to Consider

One thing is clear. Growth in e-commerce and omni-channel distribution, combined with consumer expectations for fast and free delivery, are driving increased demand for Final Mile […]
March 30

Furniture’s Final Mile – Getting Product to the Customer

According to market research, the US Furniture and home furnishing industry has racked up some impressive sales numbers recently. Sales across the total US Furniture and […]
March 25

Urban, Suburban and Rural Final Mile Delivery – Different Strategies

The current e-commerce final mile delivery landscape is challenging. The growth of online shopping and consumer expectation for fast delivery has turned the traditional shipping economy-of-scale […]